February 3, 2021

C112. Tadano TR500M Model 1992

No. 112 Tadano TR500M Model 1992
February 3, 2021

C111 Kato KR45H Model 1992

No.111 Kato KR45H Model 1992
February 3, 2021

C110. Kato SR700L Model 2011

No.110 Kato SR700L Model 2011
February 3, 2021

C109. Tadano TG1000 Model 1990

No.109 Tadano TG1000 Model 1990
July 1, 2019

C108. Tadano Faun GT900XL Model 2013 SOLD OUT 

No. 108 Tadano Faun GT900XL Model 2013
July 1, 2019

C107.Tadano GT900XL Model 2008 SOLD OUT 

No. 107 Tadano GT900XL Model 2008
April 28, 2019

C106. Terex Demag AC140 Model 2006 SOLD OUT 

No. 106 Terex Demag AC140 Model 2006
April 28, 2019

C105. Kato KA1300SL model 2010 SOLD OUT 

No. 105 Kato KA1300SL Model 2010
March 19, 2019

C103 Kato KA1300SL Model 2010 SOLD OUT 

No.103 Kato KA1300SL Model 2010

Import and export of used and heavy machinery

MRT team kindly welcomes you to the new website. MRT is specialized in the worldwide import and export of used and heavy construction machinery, like wheel loaders, dumpers, excavators, scissor lifts, or mobile telescope lifts. Over the past 20 years, MRT has developed into a strong and ambitious company. With a constant stock of approximately 1000 machines, suitable machinery of the best brands is available at any moment.

With our team of engineers, logistics- and administrative staff, we can support you with the complete technical, logistical and administrative process. Due to our close cooperation with financial institutions we can also offer you the facilitation of financing the purchase of the machine.