All Terrain Cranes

July 10, 2018

C058.Tadano AR1000M Model 1993SOLD OUT 

No.058 Tadano AR1000m Model 1993 Made in Japan
July 10, 2018

C059. Tadano ATF 1500XL Model 1999SOLD OUT 

No. C059 Tadano ATF 1500XL Model 1999 Made in Germany 130 metric ton with 161’ main 98’ of jib total
July 10, 2018

C060. Tadano Faun ATF80 Model 2005SOLD OUT 

No. C060 Tadano Faun ATF80 Model 2005 Made in Germany
July 11, 2018

C063. Terex Demag AC120-1 model 2005SOLD OUT 

No. C063 Terex Demag AC120-1 Model 2005